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Final Expense Training by: Jesse D. Sanders jr.

Well, look where The ( 8 ) STEPS To Making Over $ 312,801.62 With A Pen! CD has brought you, to my Personal ” Final Expense Training Program. Hello my name is Jesse D. Sanders jr. And I will be your personal Trainer, in this business of Selling Final Expense Life Insurance. Here you will get The Knowledge The Training and The Support that you will need to become A TOP PRODUCER/WRITER in This Amazing Business of Selling Final Expense Life Insurance. I will Teach you how To write, Good FINAL EXPENSE Applications and show you, ” HOW YOU COULD WRITE YOUR WAY TO MILLIONS, WITH A PEN!

About Jesse

FROM A GROUNDS KEEPER OF A MAJOR University, NOW A SUCCESSFUL FINAL EXPENSE INSURANCE WRITER “( The True Story ) 22 years ago on a Friday night I went to a church service that changed my career and my financial status putting me on the Path to becoming a Millionaire. That , particular night I visited a church called Christian International Church in Santa Rosa Beach Florida. Every Friday night they have a service called School of the Holy Spirit this is when people from all over the country come and receive a Personal Prophecy for their life.  On this particular night that I went. while driving there I prayed to the Lord and said these words, I said Lord, speak to me tonight and I expected him to do so and boy he did, this is the prophecy that I received that night from one of the prophetic minister’s of the church, this is what she said the Lord said to her for me, she said Jesse and I quote, “Jesse the Lord showed me a picture of you standing in a huge parking lot filled with cars that all needed to be sold and you weren’t one of those men out there as a Salesman but you were one who was selling all the cars and I said Lord why do you have Jesse selling cars? And she said the Lord said I have put the words in his mouth and I have given him the abilities to sell he could sell anything and the Lord says also that he has shown you his son so you can show him too many.”Well in September of 1998 this prophecy came to pass when I was hired as a professional sales and leasing consultant in the car business and now it has transitioned me from selling cars to selling final expense life insurance and so far I have been very successful doing so, this Prophecy changed my career, my life and my bank accounts!!! And this is how it all began! ( From a Prophecy I received one Friday night 22 years ago at church!!! ) 

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Client Testimonials

“I finally found something that I can do and it works. Thanks Jesse”

Willie C

“I had my doubts at first because of how inexpensive the program was but it was worth every penny”

Brad R.

“Jesse is a great teacher, he really knows what he is doing”

Karen Fisher

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