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Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ #1

Is there s cost to the training program?


NO, there is no cost to you when you join the The Jesse Sanders Group team.

FAQ #2

How do I join the Jesse Sanders Group?


Follow The ( 8 ) STEPS on the CD and after approval, We will bring you on our team.

FAQ #3

Where is The Jesse Sanders Group located?


We are located in 49 States In The United States Of America!!!

FAQ #4

What benefits do you offer?


#1 We offer an opportunity for residual income while you sleep you get paid for work you did yesterday!
#2 We offer all-expenses-paid incentive trips for contest winners!
#3 We offer same-day advances, commissions is paid within 24 to 48 hours of applications written!
#4 We offer health insurance and dental benefits for producers and their families with qualifying production!
#5 We have a proven in house lead system!
#6 You can work your own hours and have your own schedule, this will be your business!!!
#7 We offer management leadership training and advancement opportunities!!!!

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